There are tons of marketing strategies out there these days, and email campaigns consistently come out on top in terms of conversions. There is no one-size-fits-all method when it comes to different types of email campaigns. Near Me Website Marketing helps business owners throughout the country better utilize direct mail and email marketing to increase conversions and increase their profit margins.

1. Welcome Email Series

Sending a welcome email immediately after you gain a new subscriber ensures a lower spam score and increases the chance that the contact will read the email. The welcome series typically consists of three to five emails that provide the reader with links to your social media, an incentive, or a coupon.

Because many businesses use the welcome email series, your campaign has to stand out. Take the time to thank them for joining you and show why your brand is different from the rest. Most importantly, make your emails visually appealing to hold their interest and increase trust.

2. Seasonal Campaign

Holidays are a great time to start a new email campaign. Offering sale prices around a specific holiday can increase sales by 20%, making it one of the most effective types of email campaigns. Buyers know to wait for holiday sales before making a purchase, and you should take advantage of that fact.

Start your email blast well before the holiday so you don’t get lost in the mix of other businesses offering sales. Limiting the sale to certain dates increases urgency and motivates buyers to take action.

3. Triggered Email Series

Have you ever put some items in your online cart and then decided to wait until later to purchase, only later to discover an email from the business in your inbox? That’s a triggered email, and it motivates buyers to finish the process.

Depending on your business, you can set different triggers, like when they sign up for a list, click a campaign link, or open another automated email in your series. A website marketing company can help you determine which types of triggers to use.

4. Standard Promotional Campaign

If there’s any email campaign you are familiar with, it is this one, whether you have used it as a business owner or received one as a customer. No one wants impersonal emails cluttering their inbox every day, so make yours unique.

Use pop culture references, include a personal interest story, or offer a freebie to prevent them from hitting the unsubscribe button. If you offer something unique, the readers will stay on your list.

Small Business Marketing Services

There are other types of email campaigns, including post-purchase drip and the connect-via-social campaign options, that can drive buyers through your sales funnel and encourage them to return for repeat business.

Near Me Website Marketing can walk you through how to use direct mail marketing and help develop a customized marketing strategy to grow your business. We know that marketing strategy is overwhelming, especially for small businesses. Call or text us at 660-988-4373 and let us bring the customers to you.