Direct Mail and Email Marketing

Direct Mail & Email Marketing for Small Businesses

Today, more businesses communicate directly with their customers through social media and business pages. However, direct mail and email marketing campaigns have yet to slow down. Nearly four billion people communicate via email every day.

Many businesses also rely on direct mail marketing to attract local customers. There’s no rule of thumb regarding which strategy you should prioritize. Some companies receive a greater return on investment via direct mail, while others thrive using only emails and social media.

Regardless, a company needs to explore both options; this is where our team can help. Near Me Marketing Services can help you prioritize one service over the other and boost your marketing ROI.

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Direct Mail Marketing

When hearing direct mail marketing, most people think of postcard mailers and business flyers. These tools can be effective in reaching and retaining customers. However, it’s essential to adopt them correctly.

As part of our direct mail marketing strategy, our team considers the following factors:

  • Knowing your targeted demographics: We work to target a specific audience not easily accessible through online marketing services.
  • Personalizing your direct mail: If your business flyers or postcard mailers don’t stand out, they’ll undoubtedly end up in the junk pile. Personalizing them can create a greater response rate and company image.
  • Targeting your customers more than once: If you’re sending direct mail to a customer, there’s a good chance they’re not seeing your posts on Facebook. Our service targets your customers more than once.
  • Choosing the right timing: Sending too many business flyers or letters too soon can annoy a customer. However, not sending mail periodically can make them forget about your business.
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Email Marketing

Emails are an incredibly crucial tool for marketing. For example, around 44% of users will check emails for offers or brand promotions. However, only 4% will visit their social media to explore ad campaigns.

Our email marketing services have the following benefits:

  • Expanding your company’s reach: Checking emails only take a second, and most users will check their emails a minimum of six times a day. So chances are, they’ll see your promotion when they join your email list.
  • You can build stronger relationships: Email marketing campaigns are a great way to interact with existing customers and clients. Use an email to advertise a new product or service. Additionally, email campaigns are less expensive than social media ads.
  • Save money and energy: The main drawback of direct mail marketing is the considerable time and effort it takes to get the campaign going. However, with email marketing, the costs are far less.
  • Personalize email marketing campaigns: To target a particular audience or demographic, you can personalize marketing emails. Offer unique codes and discounts to these customers and change your personal messaging.

Discover How Our Team Can Assist Your Small Business Today

Email and direct mail marketing strategies can significantly expand your business’s reach while raising brand awareness. However, choosing which service to prioritize requires expert assistance.

Small businesses can call Near Me Website Marketing at 833-632-7631 to explore our direct mail and email marketing services! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Direct Mail Marketing?

Direct Mail is Marketing Your Services or Products directlyt to potential customers via USPS. You can market a special promotion or simply share details about your service to bring awareness to your community.

How Can Direct Mail Marketing Help My Business?

With Direct Mail Marketing you can be specific in what you are wanting to promote while also promoting your business or service to specific areas. It’s a great way to promote your company name or services!

How Long Does a Direct Mail Campaign Take to get Started?

This can vary based on what you are wanting on your flyer, but generally speaking, it may take around 3 weeks. Once you decide you’d like to start a campaign, we’ll first decide which routes you want to target. Then we’ll begin work creating the flyer. Once you approve, we begin the printing and production of the flyers. Once they’re already, they’re shipped to the post offices of the routes you’ve selected, where they’re delivered then within a few business days. We keep you updated during this whole process and handle everything! All you need to do is approve your flyer’s design and provide us with any specifics photos you want to use, as needed.

What are the Benefits of Direct Mail Marketing?

Brand Awareness is the #1 benefit of Direct Mail Marketing. Help get your name out there so when those recipients need your services or products, your business comes to mind!

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing has a few different forms. It can be used to blast our company’s information or promotions to non-customers or it can be used to keep your current customer’s informed with either different promotions you have going on or just helpful tips and tricks related to your industry. At Near Me, we offer email marketing designed to retarget your current customer list as this has been found to be far more effective than cold emails – which often lead to your email being marked as spam, and thus ending up in spam folders across the board for all your emails.

Why Should I Market to My Customer List vs Purchasing Emails?

How many of us have received promotional emails and simply either deleted it without opening it or marked it spam? That’s exactly what happens more often than note when email marketing to non-customers. They don’t recognize your business information so they just delete it or mark it spam. When your email is reported as spam, then there’s a likely chance it goes to a true customer’s spam folder, creating problems for you down the road. When you retarget your current customers with promotions or tips and tricks of your industry, it keeps your business at the front of their mind and they’re more likely to refer your services to others and call you again.

What Should My Email Be About?

Your email should be about either special promotions or simply industry news. If you’re a cleaning service company, many customers may find it helpful when you send out monthly tips about how to properly clean certain things, what products you should use, etc. By sharing these tips and placing calls to action in the subject line and body of the email, you increase the chance of your email being opened.

How Often Should I Send Emails?

It’s different for each business – you don’t want to send too many where people unsubscribe or get annoyed, but you also want to keep your business fresh on their minds. While it can vary for each industry, we often recommend once per month.

How Can I Prevent My Emails from Going to Spam?

It’s important that the subject line of each email be a specific call to action, and not vague. It’s also critical that your email sound like a friend, and not a salesperson. We also write all our email newsletters – no bots, just human-written content. These three things are the best way to avoid your emails getting caught in the spam filters and being sent to the spam folder.

How Long Should My Emails Be?

Emails should take no more than 20-30 seconds to read, as that is how longn the average person will spend reading an email. The subject line should be a strong call to action, and all important information should be at the top to keep the client engaged and convey the “bottom line” information you are trying to share.

What are the Benefits of Email Marketing?

Email marketing is one of the most cost effective way to reach your customers directly. Even if they don’t open the email, they have still seen your business name and subject line information, keeping your business fresh on their minds.

Direct Mail vs Email Marketing - What is Best for My Business?

This will vary based on your business industry, time of year, and location. Near Me Website Marketing can help guide you with the best decision based on that information and your budget. Give us a call today to see how we can help you grow your business through Direct Mail and/or Email Marketing!

Small Business Marketing Services Provided by Near Me

We’ll help your business show up online for customers searching for your services “near me” in your area!

Website & SEO

Need a website created or just want to enhance your current one? We can help! We have you covered from logo designs, links, blogs, press releases, content optimization, and more!

Google Services

We can enhance your Google Business Listing, create interactive posts, offer review generation services, and even help with Google Guaranteed – Local Service Ads or Pay Per Click Ads.


Having your business listed in online business directories is a great way to establish online authority with Google and have strong backlinks to your website.

Social Media

Social Media Marketing is a great way to increase your brand awareness, connect with your customers about your services or promotions, and boost your sales.

Direct Mail & Email

Direct Mail allows you to target customers in certain areas while Email marketing allows you to keep your customers informed about tips and updates related to your services.

Blog & Content Writing

Near Me offers blog and content writing services with 100% original content! As Native-English Speakers, we can write strong SEO optimized content for your blog and website!