Do you know there are around 400 billion global small businesses as of 2023?  But what’s concerning is that only 25% of these survive for 15 or more years.

Running a small business or a startup is not as easy as it may look like. However, certain marketing strategies can elevate your business’ performance and make you stand out from the crowd. 

So, if you run a small venture or plan to do so, dig in to find all the strategies you need to market your services or products to the right people and achieve success. 

Eight Marketing Strategies for Your Venture

Your marketing plan is more than just a roadmap to grab potential customers. It helps you retain them, too, so you can run your venture successfully for many years. 

Small businesses are often considered as short-term ventures. This is usually because of the challenges they encounter. These include a lack of budget, high costs, and difficulty to find skilled labor. 

But you can prove the world wrong by following the strategies below and turning your small dreams into bigger realities. 

Start With Curating a Strong Online Presence Through Your Website

There are so many ways in which you can make your business famous in the online world. For instance, create an SEO-optimized website and increase your visibility. If you have no experience in that, hire a professional so they can design a mobile-friendly website for a seamless experience. 

Make sure that your website has an attractive layout, comes with an eye-catching logo, features engaging content with a call-to-action, and has backlinks. 

Ramp Up Your Social Media Presence

You may also want to utilize all your social media platforms to gain and retain customers. According to reports, in 2023, there are around 308.27 million social media users only in the USA. The number is predicted to increase, so you should cash this opportunity and grab the attention of as many target customers as possible. 

So, how can you make your social media pages attractive to your audience? Start with posting solid content weekly with engaging pictures. You can also run social media ads for your products or services, but make sure to manage them for their optimization. 

Engage with your targeted audience through comments and direct messaging to boost your reach. 

Work on Your Content Marketing Skills

Have you heard the phrase, “Content is King?” If you haven’t, you may need to hear and apply it now. The strong content of your website and your social media posts allows Google to rank you on top. 

What’s more, a solid content marketing strategy builds authority and trust in your business’s niche. When working on content marketing skills, focus on producing high-quality, relevant, and valuable blog posts, infographics, and videos for your target audience. Simultaneously, ensure that your web content is well-crafted for your website visitors and Google so you appear on top of the search result pages. 

Take Local SEO into Account

Do you know every month around 1.5 billion people visit locations searched through Google? Moreover, in 2023, 2.97% of online searchers looked for businesses near them to make purchases. 

If you want your small venture to be a favorite of the locals, make sure to work and optimize your Google Business Profile. To do that, use your real business name on the account, list your local contact number, update your operation hours, and post high-quality photos and videos. It’s also important to have weekly updates, known as posts, on your profile with a high-quality image. With an seo-optimized weekly post, you’ll receive an extra boost on your profile. Also, if you want a high local ranking, request your customers to leave their reviews on your website. 

Witness the Wonders of Email Marketing

According to the latest statistics, there are around four billion users who utilize emails daily. Also, every email generates $36 for a $1 spent. If you don’t want to miss out on the benefits offered by email marketing, use this strategy for your small business as well. 

All you have to do is build an email list first. Make sure it covers all your interested consumers. 

Then, send them your business plans, promotions, and updates so they can know what you are up to. To generate more customers, curate personalized emails and enhance engagement. 

Don’t Shy Away from Networking-Team Up!

Collaboration and networking with other entrepreneurs and small businesses can help you grow and have a presence, both physical and online. Therefore, join forums and visit networking events to promote your venture and its offerings. 

Even if you have to travel for such events, do so to give your business a much-needed boost and recognition. This step may help you build connections and might also give you the investment you always needed. 

Opt for Referral Programs

Look at your customer list and check how many of your clients seem satisfied with your offerings. If there are many or even one, request and encourage them to refer your business to family and friends. You can motivate them to do so by offering discounts on their next purchase or free rewards. 

Even one referred customer can change your business game for good. This is because, as per statistics, a referred consumer is 18% more loyal to your brand than other buyers. Additionally, these customers have a more than 37% higher retention rate than consumers acquired by other methods. 

Keep an Eye On Your Marketing Efforts

The last strategy is to be consistent and keep monitoring the impact of all your marketing efforts. It is a tough job running a small business, especially when the competition is high. However, if you are focused, don’t shy away from challenges, know your customers and their changing demands, and are clever enough to utilize your resources properly, achieving your business goals may become as easy as pie. 

Final Takeaway on Small Business Marketing Strategies

Before you work on the above marketing strategies, know that not all will reap the same results for you as they might for your competitor. So, focus on a plan that works best for your target audience and then nourish it to achieve your desired output. 

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