Have you ever searched on Google for a local service and then noticed the small boxes that appear first with need-to-know information like the company reviews, phone number, and hours? Finding local businesses on Google has never been easier.

As a business owner, understanding the benefits of Google Guaranteed Local Service Ads can help you reach wider audiences to expand your business. Read on to learn everything you need to know about becoming a Google Guaranteed company.

What Does It Mean To Be Google Guaranteed?

Google Local Service Ads allow you to promote your service near the top of Google search results whenever someone searches for specific keywords, like “emergency air conditioner repair near me. After creating an LSA account, you can go one step further by becoming a Google Guaranteed business, which will display a green check mark under your company name in the ad display with the words Google Guaranteed. Being Google Guaranteed allows your ad to perform better while displaying authenticity to users.

To become Google Guaranteed, you must complete an extensive verification process that involves background checks, liability insurance verification, business owner license confirmation, and more. The process ensures that your company follows recommended business practices that keep consumers safe so Google can maintain its prestige of only recommending the highest quality businesses to searchers.

Advantages of Being Google Guaranteed

The benefits of Google Guaranteed advertising include the following:

  • Fosters trustworthiness: As more experiences become digital, consumers seek companies they can trust 81% of shoppers use trustworthiness as a deciding factor when shopping, and being Google Guaranteed can make you appear more trustworthy.
  • Generates more leads: Local Service Ads help you find more qualified leads in your area seeking what you provide.
  • Stands out from other ads: Your users will have numerous options when they search for service, though being Google Guaranteed will help you appear better than non-verified businesses.
  • Displays care: The fact that your company went through the effort to verify your credentials shows consumers that you care about your reputation and customer satisfaction.
  • Shows authority: Many consumers trust Google, so when you receive the Google Guaranteed stamp, consumers will see you as an authoritative force as well.
  • Works with voice searches: When U.S. searchers use voice search devices (like Google Home) to look up a local service, the device will include your verification when reading details.

Using Local Service Ads To Generate Leads

Google Local Service Ads have an average ROI of 200%, meaning you can gain $2 on every $1 spent, making them an excellent investment. The average only increases when you become Google Guaranteed and finetune your content strategies, keywords, reviews, and more. With the help of an expert digital marketing agency, you can master Local Service Ads to expand your company’s reach.

Need Help Setting Up Your Account? Call Near Me Website Marketing

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