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Near Me Website Marketing is a Small Business Marketing Company Offering Customized & Affordable Small Business Marketing Strategies in Mountain Home, AR

Near Me was started with one goal in mind to provide small businesses the ability to market their companies online at an affordable price. A husband and wife team, we work one-on-one with business owners in Mountain Home, AR, to get to know your business and your customers well. By knowing what your Mountain Home small business offers and what customers are looking for, we can connect the dots in order to bring your business in front of those customers online!

You don’t need to pay a huge price tag to get your business to rank online. You tell us your budget, we’ll review your business, and offer you a customized solution that will give you the best bang for your buck with your budget. Small business marketing should not have to break the bank! We only work with one business in each industry in Mountain Home so we can help your business become number one in Mountain Home, AR!

Small Business Marketing Services Provided by Near Me

We’ll help your business show up online for customers searching for your services “near me” in your area!

Website & SEO

Need a website created or just want to enhance your current one? We can help! We have you covered from logo designs, links, blogs, press releases, content optimization, and more!

Google Services

We can enhance your Google Business Listing, create interactive posts, offer review generation services, and even help with Google Guaranteed – Local Service Ads or Pay Per Click Ads.


Having your business listed in online business directories is a great way to establish online authority with Google and have strong backlinks to your website.

Social Media

Social Media Marketing is a great way to increase your brand awareness, connect with your customers about your services or promotions, and boost your sales.

Direct Mail & Email

Direct Mail allows you to target customers in certain areas while Email marketing allows you to keep your customers informed about tips and updates related to your services.

Get Found Online

Near Me offers customized solutions for every small business owner and every budget! Only pay for what you want. Call us today to discuss options based on your budget.

Skip the Big Agencies with Their Big Price Tags

Many big agencies pitch you marketing packages full of fluff and fancy words to make it sound much more than what it is so they can inflate the price tag for excessive overhead costs. We don’t have contracts and we work with our established customers in seasonal industries with slow-season price discounts. When you call us, you’ll speak with one of us every time not a new representative every time who only knows what’s on the screen in front of them. As a small business marketing company, your success is our success! Ask how we can help your small business be found online affordably in Mountain Home, AR!

Why Us

We’re small business owners. We know every dollar matters and time is valuable! You do what you do best and let us do what we do best small business marketing strategies online so your phone rings! We don’t skip corners we give 100% effort every time on every task.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Near Me Marketing Services, we know how difficult it can be to run a successful small business. Many people ask, “Why is marketing important for small businesses?” Most small businesses need to thrive on search engines like Google. 

Gaining more potential customers requires your website and content to have a better SEO score. This SEO FAQ page will answer the most critical questions, like “What is SEO?” and “Why is marketing important for small businesses?”

These are the nine FAQs people ask us the most. For more FAQ, check out each of our service pages: Website & SEO, Google Services, Citations, Social Media, and Direct Mail & Email Marketing. Still have questions? Give us a call! Our team is happy to answer any other questions you have.

Discover how Near Me Marketing Services helps small businesses in Mountain Home, AR, succeed by calling 660-988-4373! 

What Small Business Industries Do You Work With?

Our specialty is service industry small businesses, but we are happy to discuss marketing strategies with any small business owner!

What is SEO and How Does it Work?

SEO stands for search engine optimization, and its primary purpose is to bring more organic traffic to a website and its affiliated channels. SEO thrives off organic search queries and not paid ads.

Why Does My Business Need SEO?

Sometimes small businesses make the mistake of throwing tons of cash at ads. A good company uses various strategies to attract potential customers. However, a great business understands the importance of a sound SEO strategy. 

The primary source of website traffic starts with a simple Google search. Therefore, a marketing strategy infused with SEO can increase quality visitors through better search rankings. 

Why Isn't My Website Ranking on Google?

Your website might not rank on Google for a few reasons. Some of these reasons can include the following:

  • You recently launched your website, and you either need to submit it to Google for indexing, or it needs to build up more authority.
  • Your content lacks quality, such as not matching a searcher’s intent.
  • You violated Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, resulting in a penalty.
How Long Does it Take to Rank on Google?

This is another SEO FAQ we see a lot, and the answer is: it depends. However, the process generally takes at least a few months. 

What are Google's Most Important Ranking Factors?

Google’s most important ranking factors are:

  • Followed through backlinks
  • A user’s time on a site
  • The content length, as well as overall quality
  • Overall referring domains
  • RankBrain (Google’s machine learning AI that helps Google sort through search results)
Does Social Media Help Increase My Rankings?

Social media doesn’t directly impact how your website ranks on Google. However, quality social media accounts and posts help build your brand. Additionally, you can funnel visitors on social media to your website. 

Why Should I Have a Blog on My Website?

Having a blog on your website offers numerous benefits, including:

  • A blog can help establish your brand through tone, style, and subject matter.
  • A blog is great for a business to show off its industry knowledge and authority. For example, users searching for HVAC services may read your blog to determine if your team knows their field.
  • Most importantly, a blog is ripe for keyword optimization. A website with relevant keywords is more likely to get on Google’s good side. Blogs are also excellent places for backlinks and internal links.
How Do I Know What Keywords People are Searching for to Find Businesses like Mine?

Before launching your SEO strategy, knowing the keywords customers use in a search query is instrumental. Different tools are available, but many businesses succeed using SEMrush’s Keyword Magic Tool or Google’s Keyword Planner.

Using these tools, you can enter terms related to your business and discover ranking keyword suggestions. Our team can also find the most relevant keywords for your business and incorporate them into our marketing strategy. 

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Don’t let online marketing weigh you down. Digital Marketing is an ever-changing process. You do what you do best and leave the SEO to us!

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