When it comes to planning content for your site, SEO keyword research is a non-negotiable task. The content on your website is important not only to help your website viewers but also to help validate yourself as a trustworthy website by Google’s algorithms. 

Through SEO keyword research, you can determine a targeted strategy to rank high for commonly searched terms. Keyword research is vital to increasing valuable organic traffic to your site and, in turn, optimizing your success. 

Below, learn why SEO keyword research is invaluable and how you can end your search for ‘SEO keyword research experts near me’.

What is SEO Keyword Research?

SEO keyword research involves strategic planning that helps you determine a clear strategy to increase organic traffic to your site. The goal of keyword research is to find and select keywords that you wish to target and discover how you can craft your website’s content around these keywords. When it comes to keyword research, there are a variety of different strategies and tools available to help you boost success.

Typically, SEO keyword research involves looking at three different factors: relevance, authority, and volume. Each of these three categories impacts every keyword that is searched. 

Keyword Relevance

First and foremost, keywords must be relevant. Google’s ultra-smart algorithms understand the difference between random, unrelated content and content that is useful and relevant to your industry or niche. 

With this in mind, the keywords you wish to target must meet the needs of searchers. Content that will rank the highest will be content that is clear, thorough, and answers the direct question or information people are searching for.


Your website’s authority score will also play a role in determining how you can rank up for your desired keywords. Taking actions to become a more authoritative website, such as adding blogs, content, videos, etc. can make your site build up authority in the eyes of Google’s rankings. This also includes developing a solid backlink strategy as well, with the help of Near Me Website Marketing.

Keyword Search Volume

Another important consideration in SEO keyword research is a keyword’s search volume and difficulty. Volume refers to the number of times or frequency that a specific keyword is searched. For example, you’ll want to target keywords that get searched in higher amounts to get more traffic to your website. Some keywords may be easier to rank for than others, which determines how quickly your site can realistically begin to rank in the top positions for.

Trusting an SEO Keyword Research Professional to Help

The world of SEO is both ever-changing and complex, requiring lots of ongoing learning and experience. If you’ve been searching for ‘SEO keyword research experts near me’, we can help. Choosing an SEO keyword research professional to help you determine the best keywords to target and learn how to optimize your landing pages, blog content, and more to rank for these desired keywords.

Using keywords in your content is not as simple as stuffing them in. Remember that Google is smart – really smart. Randomly stuffing keywords into your content can hurt your ability to rank for keywords. Instead, a variety of factors need to be considered when optimizing on-site content. For example, you’ll want to consider:

  • Using a mix of long and short-tail keywords
  • Identifying local keywords to rank for
  • Examining competitor content and determining how you can do it better
  • Identifying high volume, low difficulty keywords to optimize content around (keywords with minimal competition can rank quicker)
  • Adding images to content
  • Using an appropriate header/format for your content
  • Identifying new trends/new keywords in your niche or industry

Working with an SEO keyword research professional can help you optimize organic traffic and improve your website’s rankings most effectively. While a variety of free keyword tools are available online, an expert can provide guidance and structure your website’s marketing strategy in a way that can help set your website up for the most success.

Near Me Website Marketing Can Help You Increase Organic Traffic with SEO Keyword Research

Not sure where to begin when it comes to SEO keyword research? Leave the research up to the search engine optimization experts at Near Me Marketing! Using a variety of industry-leading tools and our extensive knowledge of SEO, we’ll brainstorm to help you develop a winning SEO strategy for your website. 

We understand how to select keywords that can help you drive the traffic to your website that you seek. Our team can build you a new, fully-optimized website or help you to improve SEO for an existing website. Contact us today to learn more!