Google Local Service Ads Management

Professional Google Local Service Ads Management will Help You Get the Most out of your Google Ads

A good Google business listing helps draw more customers to your website. Unfortunately, with so many business profiles, getting higher up on local listings can take time and effort. Running Google Local Service Ads is a great way to help show your company name in your local area for the services you provide.

Google local service ads are a great strategy many companies adopt. Let’s explore the benefits of profesional Google Local Service Ads management when using these ads to get on Google’s first page:

  • You’ll appear at the top of searches: Your listing will appear at the top of searches with Google local service ads. As a result, hundreds, if not thousands, of potential customers will see your listing.
  • You’ll have high-quality leads: Google will help match your company with potential customers. All of these leads can contact your team directly and schedule service. Additionally, a customer can book an appointment directly with you if they choose.
  • You can showcase your company’s rating: If you have a high rating, you can proudly show it to leads, building trust.
  • Google Guaranteed: Google Guaranteed shows that your company is trustworthy due to high-quality service, the necessary insurance and credentials your industry requires, and more. 

Why Becoming Google Guaranteed is So Important for your Business

Being a business owner in 2022 presents unique challenges, but many businesses thrive off services like Google Local Service Ads Marketing and Google My Business.

Whether you own a small bakery, plumbing company, or several warehouses, potential customers in your area are searching for the product or service you offer. However, with so much competition, it’s nearly impossible for a business to stand apart.

You can set yourself apart from the competition in many ways, but one excellent method is to become Google Guaranteed and run Google Local Service Ads. It’s like an electronic billboard which shows at the very top of the search page – even above Google’s PPC Ads. 

Our Near Me Marketing Services team proudly assists businesses throughout the country. We can help you become Google Guaranteed and offer professional Google Local Service Ads Management.

Do I Need a Google Business Listing to run Local Service Ads?

No, although having a Google Business Listing is strongly encouraged for every business, you do not need to have a Google Business Listing to run Local Service Ads with Google or become Google Guaranteed. You will however need at least 5 Reviews, so if you don’t have a Business Listing, you would have to build reviews on the Google Local Service Ads platform (using a link provided by Google). 

Our goal at Near Me Website Marketing is to help you become Google Guaranteed and bring you the most leads through professional Google Local Service Ads Management. 

Let Our Team Help

At Near Me Website Marketing, we provide professional Google Local Service Ads management as well as other Google marketing assistance. 

If you’re a small business owner looking to become Google Guaranteed and have affordable Google Local Service Ads Management, call Near Me Website Marketing at 833-632-7631!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Google Local Service Ads Work?

Local Service Ads help your business connect with those looking for your services in your area. Google selects which keywords for each industry they will promote, and when customers search for “this service near me” you will show up at the very top of the page. What’s great about Local Service ads is that you only pay if a customer contacts you.

What is Required to Become Google Guaranteed?

Google offers a Google Guaranteed badge for local services. Businesses that are Google Guaranteed receive priority placement in the ad listing.

Requirements to become Google Guaranteed can vary based by industry and state, but all business would need to submit proof of insurance, licenses (as applicable), reviews, and complete a background check.

How Does Being Google Guaranteed Help My Business?

Google Guaranteed is like a big electronic billboard that shows up right at the top of the page when people search for your services in your area. This billboard will show your reviews and that you are a verified & insured company – enhancing your online authority. We’ve seen some great success with Google Guaranteed – Local Service Ads!

How Do I Get Started with Google Guaranteed - Local Service Ads?

To get started with Google’s Local Service Ads, give us a call! We can help get you started and walk you through all of the steps.

What if I already have a Google Local Service Ads Account?

We can still help you! All you need to do is provide your account number to us. If you were previously Google Guaranteed, but aren’t anymore, we can help you go back through the verification to regain that badge.

What Does Google Local Service Ads Managment Involve?

There are many factors that go into who Google determines to show as the top 3 Local Service Ad results in the searches. Some of these factors include:

  • Profile Optimization: When are you running your ads? Where are you running them? How many services are you running your ads for? Do you have optimized photos?
  • Acccount Activity: Are you actively managing your calls in the account to let Google know which leads were booked?
  • Budget: Is your budget competitive for your area? What’s your bidding strategy?
  • Reviews: Do you have strong reviews? How many? What is your overall review rating? Is your Google Business Listing properly linked to your Google Local Service Ads Account?
  • Frequency of Answered Calls: Are you answering the leads that Google is sending you?

Near Me Website Marketing will help optimize your account and bidding fully. We’ll also actively manage your calls by listening to them and marking them as booked or not, and disputing any false leads that you may have been charged for. We’ll make sure everything is in place to get you shown in the top 3! All you need to do is keep the reviews coming (but that is something we can help you with as well – check out our Google Review Assistance package).

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