Did you know 64% of consumers find contact details of local businesses through Google My Business? The most common businesses people search for are restaurants, grocery stores, clothing stores, hotels, and medical practices, respectively.

Did you also know that 87% of consumers use Google to find and research local businesses, while 82% read online reviews? Take a guess about the platform with the higher number of business reviews. Did you guess Google? Correct.

If you don’t already have a Google Business profile, these figures should be enough to get started. Let’s learn more.

What Is a Google Business Profile?

Google Business is a resource for local businesses to increase their visibility and credibility. By creating a Google Business profile, you can put your local business across Google products, including Search and Maps. According to Google, businesses verified on Google Business are 2x more likely to be thought of as reputable by consumers.

Features of Google Business Profile 

Your Google Business profile can provide all the information a potential customer needs to know about you. You can include the following in your profile:

  • Work hours
  • Website 
  • Phone number 
  • Location (place marker, service area, street address) 

Your profile is also a mode of connection between you and your customers. For instance, customers can leave reviews that you can respond to and learn from. You can also post pictures of your business, such as the street view or amenities. 

Who Should Have a Google Business Profile?

Any business that wants to attract customers in its locality must have a Google Business profile. Since 76% of consumers search for the online presence of a business before visiting on-site, it’s more important than ever for local businesses to have a Google Business presence.

Google Business Profile Optimization

While creating a Google Business profile is the first step, it’s not the last. Constant optimization and upkeep are vital to attract customers and receive positive feedback. Here are some ways to optimize your profile. 

Update NAP Consistent 

NAP refers to name, address, and phone number. These are the three most essential things in your profile. 

Make sure you have the same information on all your business fronts, including your shop, online profile, and business cards. The information should be correct and updated when required. 

Add Images 

Start by choosing a profile photo. It can be your shop front or logo. Then, select a cover photo and add additional pictures. You can include pictures of your business’ interior, exterior, services, team, and products.

On average, hotels have up to 150 images on their Google Business profiles. Hair and beauty businesses have 15 pictures on average, local stores have 16, bars post 37, and companies in the tourism industry add an average of 29 images.

Create Weekly Posts 

In the ”From the Owner” part of your Google Business Profile, you will find the option to write Google Posts. Use your weekly posts to inform customers about upcoming sales or promotions, new products, events, and more.

Posts don’t necessarily have to be words. You can also upload photos and videos. For example, you might upload a how-to tutorial for your new product or pictures of your new store location. 

Posts show on your profile for a week, although you can choose longer time frames for Event posts. It’s best to keep your posts short, sweet, and concise. Google allows 1,500 words in the main post, while the preview only has 75 to 100 characters. So, put the meat of the post here.


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