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Online Business Listings & Citations

Business owners need to have the necessary citations to expand their online presence. Citations are essentially online business listing references that feature three crucial elements: 

  • A company’s name 
  • A company’s address
  • A company’s phone number

You need this information, known as NAP, to be the same for your business listings across different platforms. Most citations take the form of online business directories. However, many citations exist, big and local, that our team can help with. 

What Are Must-Have Business Citations?

Many citations exist beyond a business directory, including big names like:

  • Facebook
  • Yelp
  • Google My Business
  • Google Maps
  • Bing Map

In theory, you can list subsequent citations on hundreds of websites. However, not all of them will bolster your business, and spending your energy on the right ones is essential.

At Near Me Website Marketing, we can create business citations for big names like Yelp. Additionally, we help you target local business searches. For example, we can submit your citation to the Chamber of Commerce’s business directory.

Our Citation Audit and Clean Up Service

Unstructured citations can hurt the chances of your service popping up in local business searches. Conflicting phone numbers or addresses across different websites confuses customers. Many customers may choose another service if you don’t have consistent NAP information.

Besides confusing customers, wrong business citations also confuse search engines like Google.

With our audit and clean-up service, we can create consistent NAP information across websites and remove duplicate listings. Additionally, we can submit your business listings to 100+ sites, including big names and more localized websites.


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The proper business citations ensure clarity across customers and businesses. Our service can fix your listings while submitting your information to new websites.

Small business owners can learn more by calling Near Me Website Marketing at 833-632-7631! We can handle all your business listing needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Citations?

Citations are online business profile listings that include a description of your business with your website link.

What's the Difference Between Big and Local Citations?

Big citations are large platforms (such as Yelp and Bing) for business profiles. Local citations are listings in smaller directories in your local area (varies per location). Local citations are just as important as big citations as they enhance your company’s local profile on Google.

What Does a Business Citation Include?

Citations should include your business name, address, phone number, email, and website link. They can also include links to your social profiles and your logo.

What if I Don't Have a Listed Business Address?

Non-storefront service businesses are very common. Fortunately, citations only require a city and state at minimum. So if you’re a service industry that goes to your customer, you can, and should, still have your business listed online using your primary city and state.

How do Citations Affect my Search Rankings?

Google’s search rankings are determined by a number of factors. The authority and relevance of your website all play a role in each of those factors. Citations are one of the best ways to increase a website’s authority by listing your business on authoritative business listing websites.

Citations are also vital for your local Google Business Lising – when your business is listed on authoritative big and local directories, it’ll give your Google Business Listing more standing, which increases your rankings.

Being listed on the right sites is important. You don’t want to be listed on irreputable sites, with little to no authoritative standing. Your listings also need to be accurate. A lack of consistency on business directories will result in a confusion to Google, which can lead to lower rankings. Completing a Citation Audit is highly recommended to make sure your business information is correct across the web.

What is a Citation Audit and How Can I Benefit From One?

With a citation audit, we can the web for all mentions of your business name across all business directories. We then compare that with your accurate business information. We look for any duplicates, mismatches, or incomplete citations. We then compile a list of all citations in need of correction. Then we reach out to each of those listings and either request the information to be updated. We will also remove any listings of your business from sites that are considered “high risk” or “spammy” according to Google.Â

A citation audit and clean up can help boost your rankings with Google by removing confusing inaccurate information. We highly recommend it for every client!

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