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Small Business Blog and Content Writing Services

Do you need help with Blog Writing or Website Content Writing for your small business? At Near Me Website Marketing, we understand the importance of a solid online presence and know how to help you achieve your online marketing goals.

Many small business owners nationwide ask questions like, “How to get my website to rank on major search engines like Google?” There’s no one set strategy, as many factors can help you attract more potential customers. Having the proper content that appeals both to human-readers and to Google is crucial for developing a strong online presence. 

However, many people hike up Google’s algorithm by upgrading their websites with bot content or having foreign writers develop their content strategy in an effort to save funds. At Near Me Website Marketing, we can assist you with your small business marketing needs. We help businesses across the country with blog and content writing services.

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Why Hiring Native-English Writers is Crucial for your Blog & Website Content

Before exploring SEO (search engine optimization), let’s first discuss the importance of language. Let’s be honest, there’s English and then there’s “English”. The type of words used in Australia vs London vs the United States may all be English, but they don’t all mean the same thing! 

Your website is your brand, and underwhelming content can cause potential customers to leave. The last thing you want is for potential customers to be confused about what you’re selling and/or think you aren’t an expert in your field simply because the content doesn’t make sense.

Every potential customer should be able to easily navigate your website and find what they’re looking for. Additionally, a website should steer them towards making a purchase or investing in your services. Hiring native-English speakers may cost you slightly more than overseas workers who speak English as a second language. However, your site will be clearly written for your services in your area, making you more competitive in your market!

The Writing Services We Offer

Our writing strategy assesses your current website, industry, competitor analysis, and keyword analysis and determines how we can improve all of it. These improvements can look different for every client, but the primary services we provide are:

  • Blog Writing & Press Releases: Your blog should not only be highly SEO optimized, but it would educate your current and future clients. Blogs exist to help showcase your services or products in your market. They also exist to help educate consumers for commonly searched questions in your industry. When people search for those key terms in your area, you want your blogs to show up at the top of the search results – so not only is their question answered, but now they have your business in mind for any services or products related to that question.
  • Website Content: Today, launching a website is easier than ever, but expertly crafting your website content is important. You want your content to be human-friendly so customers can easily see who you are and what you do. Yet you also need it to be Google friendly – so Google can easily see what you do and where, so your website shows up on the first page of search results in Google! Having the proper combination of the two is vital for small business SEO.
  • Optimize your current website: Even if you already have a great website with good content, you may want our team to make some tweaks. For example, we can update content and even add new pages. We can also make your website mobile friendly and faster. Adding a monthly blog is a great marketing strategy for every business!

For Small Business Marketing, Call Near Me Website Marketing

In many ways, the internet makes starting and running a small business more accessible than before. However, to survive, you need top-notch website marketing. Unfortunately, keeping your website updated and optimizing its content takes time and effort.

Near Me Website Marketing can lighten this burden. Nationwide small businesses can call 833-632-7631 to learn more!

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Need a Custom Marketing Plan to Fit Your Budget?

At Near Me Website Marketing, we work with your budget! We understand that not all small businesses are able to start off with one of our recommended packages, so we can build a custom package suited to not only your budget, but targetting what you need most to help get your business seen online. In time, your business will grow and we’ll be able to re-evaluate your custom program to keep you growing strong within your budget!

Small Business Marketing Services Provided by Near Me

We’ll help your business show up online for customers searching for your services “near me” in your area!

Website & SEO

Need a website created or just want to enhance your current one? We can help! We have you covered from logo designs, links, blogs, press releases, content optimization, and more!

Google Services

We can enhance your Google Business Listing, create interactive posts, offer review generation services, and even help with Google Guaranteed – Local Service Ads or Pay Per Click Ads.


Having your business listed in online business directories is a great way to establish online authority with Google and have strong backlinks to your website.

Social Media

Social Media Marketing is a great way to increase your brand awareness, connect with your customers about your services or promotions, and boost your sales.

Direct Mail & Email

Direct Mail allows you to target customers in certain areas while Email marketing allows you to keep your customers informed about tips and updates related to your services.

Blog & Content Writing

Near Me offers blog and content writing services with 100% original content! As Native-English Speakers, we can write strong SEO optimized content for your blog and website!